We Tell Stories and Create Connections

How Do We Tell Your Story?

We come alongside your organization to learn the core of who you are. We ask a lot of questions and find the most effective ways to engage your customers.

Listen & Laugh

We don’t just sit down and talk to you, we look at all of your communication and how you accomplish your goals. We also look at what your customers have to say.

We want to know your people, so we get to know how your organization works and what people do there. Maybe we’ll share a drink, or a meal, or both!

Dream & Plan

Can you imagine the best possible outcome? We’ll look at all of the avenues for creating incredibly positive change, refine our goals, and plan them out.

We put deadlines on actionable goals and define measurable results. Your story is worth telling in a compelling way that drives people to connect with you.

Revise & Create

Leave the technical stuff to us, we’ve got that under control. We use professional processes and equipment to create stunning, beautiful results.

We build revisions into our process to make sure you get the most effective content possible. We want you to love what we create and be excited to share!

Launch & Share

From start to finish, we’re there with you the whole way. We can optimize your website and marketing strategies to make sure the right people see your message.

We love sharing what we create, and hope you do too! We set up tools for automation and reporting in order to track the effectiveness of our efforts.

Do you want to communicate more effectively and engage your audience?

Convey Your Culture

Be authentic, trustworthy and unique. Above all, be accurate with your organization's persona.
Are you telling the right story?

When customers encounter your current advertising and marketing efforts, are they getting an accurate picture? The digital age has created unprecedented access to information and made it possible for companies and individuals to have real conversations.

Truly differentiating yourself from the competition comes not only with what you say, but how you say it. We do not create interruption advertising because the way the message is conveyed is inherently self-serving. Is that who you want to be?

Taking a realistic, authentic position on who you are and what you do - and meeting your audience on their terms - creates mutually beneficial, loyal, and profitable relationships. Let’s change the world together!

  • What do you say?

    Are you nurturing relationships?

  • What do you do?

    Are you sharing the core of your purpose?

  • How do you engage?

    Are you demonstrating your values and participating in the conversation?

  • Are you involved?

    Customers align themselves with people who care. Where do you make a difference?

Who is LynTorden?

We are a small team of professional entrepreneurs who are passionate about changing the way businesses and customers engage.
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Ross O.

Storyteller & Creative Mastermind
With an extensive background in design, marketing, and technology, this guy wants to change the way the world works with creative, beautiful things. He loves creating music, telling great stories, riding motorcycles, driving cars, and weightlifting.
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Mike L.

Storytelling Wizard & Editor
This guy is brilliant, tall as a mountain, with the creativity to match. He can tell a story without words that will make you cry, teach a baby unicorn to fly, and leave you speechless with his feats of wonder.

We tell stories that make a difference. We make content work for you.

Start communicating better

Our team is ready to make some great content with you. Tell us about your goals and we'll get started!