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Story driven content marketing

We make websites and videos that bring you new customers.
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Once Upon A Time...

You are the Hero

Story driven content marketing simplifies your marketing and creates clarity for you and your customers.

Customers care why you are in business, we help them see the real you and they feel good about purchasing from you.

We know you’re the right solution for their problem, we make sure they find you and keep coming back.

Give people a reason to love you

Customers appreciate well-crafted stories. Give them value and gain loyalty.


Your story has many facets, tell us everything and we help clarify it.

We make it easy for customers to hear your message.



Feel better about investing in growth with a quality, well thought–out plan.

Organized and specific goals let you manage your time well.


Engaging stories are discussed and shared more than any other marketing.

You’ll make customers feel good about you by being the best.


Clear, beautiful stories connect people, and you reap the benefits.

Rise above the competition and become the example, stories work.

Thousands of people are waiting

Customers want to find the answer to their problems, that’s why they are looking for you.

Story driven marketing is the most effective way to reach an audience – it really works.

We take time to step into your client’s shoes and then make you a natural fit for their needs.

Be realistic, authentic, and uniquely you. Show your audience why you care!

We’ll guide you to make the right choices for spending time, energy, and resources.

Start finding and retaining new customers today!

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Based in Denver, Colorado, we love supporting small businesses. 

We dig craft beer, let’s set up time to sit down and chat!

The first round is on us! Who can say no to free beer?

LynTorden Ltd.

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